Gesa Schwantes

Gesa Schwantes is Conservator/Restorer with specialisation in the conservation of architectural surfaces, building materials and wall paintings. She was educated in Switzerland at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bern School of the Arts, and graduated in the specialisation of Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Surfaces and Interior Decoration in 2006.

After working in physical conservation in Germany, Switzerland and in several projects in China she came to Hong Kong in 2010 to join the Architectural Conservation Programmes at The University of Hong Kong following her growing interest in conservation in Asia.

She graduated with Master of Science in Conservation in September 2011 and joined the programmes to set up the Architectural Conservation Laboratory in the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong. Gesa worked in her function as the Director of the Architectural Conservation Laboratory until summer 2020 and was also involved in the design and teaching of courses in conservation technology and science in the graduate ACP classes and the undergraduate BA (Conservation). During those years, from September 2013 – 2017, Gesa completed her PhD in Architectural Conservation within the Architectural Conservation Laboratory at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning CAUP at Tongji University, Shanghai.

In fall 2020, Gesa joined the Institute for Cultural Heritage Conservation at Shanghai University. In her position as Associate Professor she is currently teaching graduate and undergraduate classes in conservation technology, intervention planning and conservation methodology. Her research foci are in the conservation of earthen heritage, wall painting conservation and architectural finishes conservation.