Xingjiao Temple, Shaxi, Yunnan, China

5/2005- 7/2005 Xingjiao Temple Wall Painting Conservation (Ming dynasty wall paintings), Si Deng, Shaxi, Yunnan, China. Wall painting Conservation component of the Shaxi Rehabilitation Project, Collaboration between the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Planning, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland and the Government of Jianchuan County, China).
Wall Painting Conservator

Investigation, documentation and analyses as basis for the conservation plan of the Xingjiao Temple wall paintings.
The wall paintings on clay plaster are placed in the section between lintel and roof of the temple, in the infills of the wood construction and applied on a support of wooden slats and bamboo basketwork.

About gesaschwantes

Conservator/ Restorer of Architectural Surfaces and Wall Paintings. Associate Professor at the Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Shanghai University

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