Launching of the revised homepage of the Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM)


The Asian Academy of Heritage Management (AAHM) is a network of institutions in Asia and the Pacific region that offer professional training in the field of cultural heritage management.

The secretariat of the AAHM transferred from its former host, the Institute for Tourism Study in Macao to the Architectural Conservation Programmes at the University of Hong Kong. In preparation of the transition a new homepage was designed. As AAHM webmaster I will maintain the homepage and facebook page with news updates in the field of heritage conservation with a focus on courses and workshops to promote conservation education in Asia and the Pacific.

Asian Academy of Heritage Management homepage

Asian Academy of Heritage Management facebook page

About gesaschwantes

Conservator/ Restorer of Architectural Surfaces and Wall Paintings. Associate Professor at the Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Shanghai University

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